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PDR20KD Spring Drying Rack

PDR20KD Spring Drying Rack

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Spring Drying Rack

This 20-shelf drying and storage solution is perfect for protecting budding artists' masterpieces in any classroom or art room. Durable metal shelves allow paintings and other artwork to dry flat with enough space between each shelf so the artwork is not compromised.

• 20 spring supports facilitating the insertion of works

• Locking bar holds the racks in place

• Shelves can be personalized with student names

• Drip tray to protect classroom floors from unwanted spills (removable)

• 2″ locking casters

• 1 year warranty

Dimensions – Closed

Height: 33 1/2″ (85 cm)

Width: 26 1/2″ (67 cm)

Depth: 25″ (63 cm)

Dimensions – Survey

Height: 47 1/2″ (120.5 cm)

Width: 26 1/2″ (67 cm)

Depth: 25″ (63 cm)

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